Everyone goes with chocolate and flowers for Valentine’s Day. But why? Like chocolate, beer is ancient (with beer a full two thousand years older than chocolate). Like chocolate, beer is fermented (just a bit differently, to make beer more fun). And hops are technically flowers — so really, when you give your guy or gal the gift of beer for Valentine’s Day, you’ve put forth double the effort in a single gift.

This little guide to the best Valentine’s Days gifts has something perfect for that beer lover you can’t help but love. Or who you really like. Or want to get to know better (believe us, beer will help).

And what really makes beer the best Valentine’s Day gift? Your nearest and dearest will almost always share.

‘Best Beer in the World’ for the ‘Best Guy or Gal in the World’: Belgian Beer & Chocolates
This Valentine’s Day gift pairs a bottle of Westvleteren XII with decadent Belgian chocolates. Brewed by Trappist monks, many regard this classic Belgian quad to be the best beer in the world. With a perfect 100/100 score on – if this doesn’t win his or her heart, we don’t know what will.

Be quick – limited boxes available.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for beer lovers: A Craft Beer Subscription
Whenever anyone asks us for a gift recommendation, the answer is always a Craft Beer Subscription. It’s literally the gift that keeps giving. Every month for three months, your Valentine gets our hand-picked selection of Australia’s best craft brews (with a few international beers mixed in for good measure).

Every box comes with 8 different beers plus tasting notes, and the first box ships with a beer glass guide to get things started.

Truly madly deeply in love? Go for a 16 pack subscription.

Know nothing of beer but want to impress? Go for a Craft Beer Gift Box
Let us do the heavy lifting. The craft beer lover in your life will think you’re a genius. We put together three different gift boxes filled with very good beer. The Classic Craft Box features four easy drinking Australian brews. The Pale Ale Collection showcases four examples of our country’s most popular beer style. And our favourite gift box — the Top 10 Tinnies — comes with ten of the best brews in fun-loving, go-everywhere cans.

Still not sure? Everyone loves a Craft Cartel Gift Certificate
Giving your honey one of our gift certificates says: “I love you. You love beer. Here, go crazy.”

First decide how much you want to spend, from a few bottles to a full esky refill, then think of something nice to say on the personalised message. After that, we’ll email the gift certificate to your Valentine on the day you specify (14 February is a popular choice).

Valentine’s Day Delivery Cut-Off Dates

WA and Regional: 4 Feb
SA & TAS Metro: 7 Feb
VIC & QLD Metro: 8 Feb
NSW Metro: 11 Feb