Ballistic Beer Co. Pack

Ballistic believe that great beer has the power to bring people together and grow communities. In a world where loneliness is our greatest sickness, they believe that building communities where people can come together, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy their beers is a wonderful thing.

Ballistic is more than a place of business. It’s a safe haven, a place away from work and from home, that invites you in and pours you a glass of comfort and joy. It’s that place you can go, relax and enjoy your own company or the company of others. Ballistic believes that every patron deserves a great beer, no matter what you bring to the table.

So grab a couple of mates and feast on the Ballistic Brewery series pack including the super limited Twang and a special release beanie to keep you toastie and warm this winter!

*Packs are super limited, so get in quick. Can’t be purchased in-conjunction with other special offers.

What’s Included:
2 x Ballistic Lager 375ml
2 x Ballistic IPA 375ml
2 x Ballastic Cold One 375ml
2 x Ballistic Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout 375ml
1 x Ballistic Twang Brambleberry 375ml
2 x Ballistic Pale 375ml
2 x Ballistic Oaked XPA 375ml
2 X Ballistic Hawaiian Haze 375ml
1 x Ballistic Beanie


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Tasting Notes

Ballistic Lager 4.4%
When we opened our Springfield Brewpub, we made a crisp, balanced, easy drinking Lager just for the locals. It was so popular that a riot broke out. So now we’ve made it available for everyone to enjoy!

Ballistic IPA 5.8%
Old School meets New World with this modern-style India Pale Ale. Big, balanced, fresh and inviting. Thank you, may I have another?

Ballistic Cold One Session Ale 3.5%
When you have to go the distance, stay in control and be the responsible one, it’s time to go for a Cold One! A balanced beer full of flavour. Perfect for a long afternoon with mates.

Ballistic Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout 6.8%
Head Brewer Lachy was in Mexico late last year when he was inspired by the delicious, local, spicy hot chocolates. It was time to bring that Mexican flare back to the Ballistic brewery! The challenge was to take those flavours and apply them to a beer. The result is El Calavera, a 6.8% Milk Stout brewed with Cocoa Nibs, Lactose, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Chilli. Perfectly balanced and unexpectedly drinkable.

Ballistic Twang Brambleberry Kettle Sour 4.6%
Brambleberry Twang: The latest in our sour range, the fruit has been plucked straight from the brambles in preparation for this winter sour. Twang Brambleberry, soured to puckering perfection, is the beer to quench your thirst!

Ballistic Pale Ale 4.6%
There’s something special about tinnies of bright and balanced Pale Ale on a hot Australian summer day. We spent a year developing the perfect Pale, with fresh tropical fruit and citrus flavours. It’s light and refreshing.

Ballistic Oaked XPA 5.8%
We accidentally stumbled across a harmonious balance of oak and hops. It’s now one of our most loved and awarded beers. Oaked XPA can be as simple or complex as you like.

Ballistic Hawaiian Haze DDH Hazy Pale Ale 4.8%
A fruit-driven hop explosion that screams ‘’DRINK ME!’’ Juicy aromas effortlessly overlay the fluffy mouth feel and clean finish. This is a can of pure Double Dry Hopped fun.

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