Chur Mixed Pack

  • ABV: 6.5% – 9.1%
  • 440ML CANS

What’s Included:

12 Beers From Chur Brewing

2x Chur Dr Filbert
2x Chur Archnard The Churly Arachnid
2x Chur Me Time Nectaron
2x Chur Straya Hazy IPA
2x Behemoth(Chur) Slushy Fund 2
2x Chur Ruin Your Dinner

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Chur Dr Filbert, 440ml Can, ABV 6.5%
Do what Dr Filbert tells you to do, drink this delicious Hazelnut (also known as filbert) infused milk stout and don’t listen to quacks on daytime tv.

Chur Archnard The Churly Arachnid, 440ml Can, ABV 9.1%
Hazy Double IPA made with Cryo Mosiac, Cryo Citra, El Dorado and Galaxy

Chur Me Time Nectaron, 440ml Can, ABV 6.8%
Single Hopped Hazy IPA made with the newly named Nectaron Hop. Named after their mate Ron Beatson who helped breed this amazing new hop variety.

Chur Straya Hazy IPA, 440ml Can, ABV 7%
Gidday Straya! This Tinny is for me mates ‘cross the ditch. Some blokes and sheilas are still in iso, using sanny to avoid the rona right now. They just wanna watch the footy, as Straya without Rugbah Leeg ain’t Straya. Aussies wanna have mates over for a barbie with an esky full of frothies and listen to some Aca-daca after a day of hard yakka. Dead set, fair dinkum, true blue Aussies just wanna have a ripper of a time being able to go down to the bott-lo to get some coldies (and maybe a goon) but some are out their being bloody galahs that can’t be stuffed following the rules. This beer is choca-bloc of Strayan hops. Galaxy and Vic Secret. Think heaps (ok lots of slang is both Aussie and Kiwi) of Pineapple and other tropical fruit flavours and aromas and a juicy mouth feel. Don’t worry Straya they are sending you some of this under Chur Brewing Company as some drongos have the Behemoth Trademark over there (put the phone down Russell!). But she’ll be right, they should probably just tell them to get stuffed, but they can’t be stuffed. They will just let them play old knifey spoony. Think They will ever stop taking the piss? Nah tell ’em he’s dreamin! PS “I got stopped at the Strayan border and asked if I have a criminal conviction. I said “I didn’t know it was still compulsory” PPS if you are reading this in ‘Straya thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

Behemoth(Chur) Slushy Fund 2, 440ml Can, ABV 5.5%
Jammed with fruit goodness, a fruit slushy with Blackberry, Boysenberry, Raspberry, Pineapple and Orange…. oh yeh baby!

Chur Ruin Your Dinner, 440ml Can, ABV 6.5%
This mint milk stout is inspired by an after dinner mint – withthe addition of caco, mint and lactose to provide a creamy and velvety stout to bring back those childhood memories. Go ahead and ruin your dinner, they are sure your appetite will grow back!

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