Exit Brekkie Juice IPA

  • IPA
  • ABV 6.70%
  • 375ML CAN




We’re very excited to release this beer along with the amazing team at Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. Together, we’ve made a super juicy IPA and added a shit ton (technical term) of pineapple, passionfruit, guava and mango juice to it, just like your favourite brekkie juice. The fresh fruit aromas and flavours will awaken your senses, and you’ll get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals too! Trust us, we know what’s good for you.


Frase and Grum first met about 15 years ago working in IT in Melbourne. They went their separate ways but wound up living in the UK and Europe for about 10 years, where they fell in love with many interesting beer styles (helped by a large number of trips to Belgium) and started homebrewing. Bored with their day jobs, they decided when they moved back to Melbourne, that they would attempt to start a brewery. Just over a year into their journey, Exit have brewed 9 large batches of beer in 8 different styles and in 2015 we brewed our first GABS beer (a Double IPA).


Having decided beer was the future, the next step was to come up with a brewery name. One day, Grum after much contemplation, emerged from the smallest room in the house declaring that he had a name, announcing “Exit”. Frase was at this stage, slightly underwhelmed until Grum explained that as they were in IT and beer was a means of getting out of said IT shenanigans, that we would in fact be “ex-IT” people. So thus a brewery name was born.