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Garage Project Mixed Pack

  • ABV 2.9 – 8%

What’s Included:

2x Garage Project Bliss Lager
2x Garage Project White Mischief Peach Sour
2x Garage Project Pernicious Weed
2x Garage Project Beer
2x Garage Project Party & Bullshit

Tasting Notes

Garage Project Bliss Lager, 330ml Can, ABV 4.5%
Bliss, a state of complete happiness and harmony. You can find it in the most familiar of things. Sun, freshly cut grass, the smell of BBQ – with the right combination, even the simplest elements can elevate an experience to another level. Brewed with New Zealand malt and Motueka hops, Bliss is fermented cold and stored at subzero temperatures to produce a delicately crisp, clean, easy drinking lager. Simple, familiar things taken to a new level. Drink yourself more Bliss.
Garage Project White Mischief Peach Sour, 330ml Can, ABV 2.9%
Kettle-soured wheat, lightly salted and infused with white peaches – a delicate three-way salty, sweet and sour balancing act.
Garage Project Pernicious Weed, 330ml Can, ABV 8%
The arrival of hops to the brewing scene in England in the 1500s led to a moral panic. Hops were described as “a Wicked & Pernicious Weed” feared to bring the downfall of civilized society. Thankfully, they were right. Pernicious Weed is a celebration of the NZ-developed hop varieties Nelson Sauvin and Rakau. Huge grapefruit flavour in a worryingly-drinkable strong IPA.
Garage Project Beer, 330ml Can, ABV 4.8%
Simple is not that easy to brew! Using a single malt (Bohemian Pils), a single hop (Czech Saaz) and only one type of yeast (Budvar Lager), this beer uses quite a lot of hops and will often be considered to be too hoppy for the style, which is a Czech style-Pilsner.
Garage Project Party & Bullshit, 440ml Can, ABV 6.2%
Mango, pineapple and guava juice with no apple base needed. Exceptionally drinkable and just really fun to have in the house, wherever that may be.