Garage Project Pack

The 9th instalment of our Brewery Series is a belter from New Zealand’s superstar brewery, Garage Project. Started by Pete Gillespie and Jos Ruffell with help from Pete’s brother Ian back in 2011, the trio began brewing 50 litres at a time in a small car garage. Since then Garage Project has grown enormously but their ethos has remained the same, ‘we’re here to take some risks, to have a bit of fun and try something new’. Indeed, last year they brewed 70 new beers, and brewer Pete Gillespie does not shy away from using challenging ingredients. Check out his Weird Flex Cucumber, Grapefruit & Celery Sour! In this ripper pack, you’ll get to try seven of Garage Project’s best beers (two cans of each). Plus Garage Project has added in some of their cool sticker artwork and as always we’re including Free Shipping.

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 What’s Included:
2x Weird Flex (Cucumber, Grapefruit & Celery Sour) 330ml
2x Cat’s Pajamas (Vanilla Cream Ale) 330ml
2x Party &Bullsh*t (East Coast Anthem IPA) 440ml
2x DFA (Chilli Mango Lime IPA) 330ml
2x Crisp Beer (Dry Hopped Dry Lager) 330ml
2x Petite Mort (Brett Summer Session Ale) 330ml
2x Cereal Milk Stout 330ml
Garage Project Trio of Stickers

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Tasting Notes

Weird Flex (Cucumber, Grapefruit & Celery Sour) – ABV 3%
Grapefruit, cucumber and celery – unusual ingredients which combine to create a delightfully clean sparkling sour beer. Kettle soured and infused with fresh grapefruit, cucumber, celery and a touch of salt, Weird Flex is a drinkable and uniquely refreshing beer that can either play well as a palate cleansing counterpoint to rich burgers, or the perfect companion to more delicate offerings.

Cat’s Pajamas (Vanilla Cream Ale) – ABV 5.3%
Poor old Cream Ale. ‘Dumb Blonde’ some say. It’s not its fault. It’s all the sweet maize that goes into brewing it that makes it teeter on the edge of being the ‘creaming soda’ of beer styles. Garage Project then went and add milk sugar and vanilla and pushed it right over the edge. Well, you know what, they can’t all be rocket scientists! Celebrate who you are, they think you’re the Cat’s Pajamas.

Party & Bullsh*t (East Coast Anthem IPA) – ABV 6.2%
East Coast anthem IPA – a big ol’ hop poppa of a beer, packing in intense mango, tropical fruit hit from US big guns, Simcoe and Mosaic. It’s just bigger and juicier than it’s bitter West Coast counterpart, like sippin’ hazy hop nectar from a can. It’s all good.

DFA (Chilli Mango Lime IPA) – ABV 7.5%
Demus Favorem Amori means ‘we choose to stand for love’. DFA, a surprising blend of flavours marrying mango, Vietnamese mint, lime and chilli with the high citrus hit of Centennial, Amarillo and Citra hops. The result is a deliciously intense tryst of bitter-sweet heat, tropical fruit and citrus hop character, coming together to create a beer of rich, satisfying balance. Life is all about choices. Choose Love.

Crisp Beer Dry Hopped Dry Lager – ABV 5%
Beer and crisps, surely one of the great flavour combinations. To celebrate this “match made in heaven”, Garage Project teamed up with the wonderful folks at Proper Crisps for a collaborative mash-up. They’re bringing their all new “beer” inspired crisps, and Garage Project brewed up a “crisp” dry lager using the finest Nelson grown hops, pilsner malt and Proper’s own potatoes in the mash. It’s a Proper party, and you’re invited.

Petite Mort (Brett Summer Session Ale) – ABV 5.3%
The little death, a rustic but beguiling blonde farmhouse ale, fermented with a cocktail of brettanomyces and saison yeast and finished with a generous dose of Wai-iti hops. Each sip begins a little journey, at first refreshingly different and delightfully drinkable, then building with bright notes of fresh spring grass and gentle floral perfume to a peak of tart pineapple and hoppy lemon citrus. Finish and allow yourself a little moment of bliss.

Cereal Milk Stout – ABV 4.7%
Cereal Milk. Honestly, it’s the best bit of breakfast in a bowl. Here in this beer, Garage Project combined this creamy comfort food with the rich, roast character of the milk stout. Brewed with corn flakes, oats, chocolate wheat and a generous dose of milk sugar, Cereal Milk Stout is rich, smooth and redolent of the sweet remnants of the breakfast bowl. Grab a spoon and dig in.

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