Moo Brew Winter IPA

  • IPA
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • 375ML CAN


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Introducing Moo Brew’s new Winter IPA. Otherwise known as a Cascadian Dark Ale. Whatever you call it, it’s rocking a hefty mess of tropical fruits and coconut, teetering against a smooth, low-roast body of subtle biscuit and general good vibes. It’s rich without being heavy, bold but not overcooked and packing a serious wallop of flavour. It’s the beer you can rely on when winter is closing in (which it is) but you’re not ready to double down on stout just yet.


To be honest, everything about Moo Brew is a bit unconventional. Like the fact the idea for the beer started with a bottle. Yep, David Walsh, the infamous Tasmanian gambling magnate, was travelling overseas when he found a bottle he liked, so naturally he decided he’d build a brewery to fill it. As you do. To be fair to David, he did already have a healthy passion for alcohol. He’d purchased one of Tasmania’s oldest wineries, Moorilla Estate in the mid 90’s – from Italian textile merchant Claudio Alcorso who established the site in 1947. And so this is where the brewery was built, with a no compromises commitment to quality, and a mischievous streak that naturally materializes every time David touches something. Anyway, he’d always referred to Moorilla as Moo Land, and this formed the basis of his new brewery’s name – Moo Brew.


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