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Mountain Culture Mixed Pack

  • ABV 4.6 – 8%

What’s Included:

2x Mountain Culture Pale Ale
2x Mountain Culture Status Quo
2x Mountain Culture Double Red
2x Mountian Culture Lager
1x Mountain Culture Scenic Route

Tasting Notes

Mountain Culture Pale Ale, 355ml Can, ABV 5.0%
Our core range, American Style Pale Ale. Pine and citrus flavours balances against a refreshing, slightly caramalised malt body.
Mountain Culture Status Quo, 355ml Can, ABV 5.6%
Mountain Culture’s best seller! Status Quo is a juicy New England Pale Ale. Made for hop lovers with massive late and dry hop additions, it’s full flavoured and more tropical than the Hawaiian ukulele orchestra. Aroma and flavour is all a tropical fruit medley with a pillowy mouthfeel and smooth finish.
Mountain Culture Double Red, 355ml Can, ABV 8%
This indulgent ale is so well-rounded you’d think it was drawn with a compass. Clean citrus and tropical fruits dance around thick candied malt you could almost chew.
Mountian Culture Lager, 355ml Can, ABV 4.6%
A full-flavoured ale, lemonier than Mr Snicket, so piney you could varnish it and crisper than pre-dawn mountain air. Basically, it goes down easier than a diving submarine with the hatch still open.
Mountain Culture Scenic Route, 355ml Can, ABV 4.7%
A Hazy session IPA packed full of bright citrus hops. A creamy mouthfeel, low bitterness and lower ABV means it easily sessionable and the dry finish will have you coming back for more.

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