Phantom Larmandier-Bernier x The Night Flight Orchestra – Midnight flyer – Barbados 8yo

  • RUM
  • ABV: 44%
  • 500ML BOTTLE


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Produced and bottled in Denmark 2020
Midnight Flyer is the world’s first champagne barrel-aged rum. A groundbreaking collaboration conjured up by Phantom Spirits, Larmandier-Bernier, and The Night Flight Orchestra.
8 year Barbados rum was laid to rest in the dark, yet decadent hollow of a champagne barrel from the biodynamic Chardonnay kings that is Larmandier-Bernier. Pulled from the charred pit of scorched oak and smothered embers, the Barbadian rum is saturated in dense notes of flavorful tobacco, green mango, vanilla, toffee and burnt brown sugar. The heavy, tropic warmth of the base rum is lifted skywards by a fresh breeze from the vine-clad emerald green slopes of Côte de Blancs in Champagne, contributing with a bright fruitiness and subdued acidity. Born in an unknown bypass of the transatlantic jet stream, Midnight Flyer, though unconventional to its core, is the result of a true match made in heaven.


Phantom Spirits Is A Council Established To Disrupt The New World Spirits Order By Infiltrating The Purveyors Of Injustice By Way Of The Shadow.

Phantom Spirits was born out of the ashes of the long-standing Mikkeller / Copenhell spirit collaboration – an annual release with a creepy theme, led by former events and communications manager Mixen Lindberg. Launched in late 2016 by Mixen Lindberg, Frederik Plum, owner of Den Klodsede Bjørn Vodka, and Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, as a way of pursuing the many ideas and concepts that were developed during the creative process of enacting these often provocative, heavy metal spirits.

Phantom Spirits entered the stage with their progressive beer barrel-aged rum project, and is currently in full swing with several collaborations with various spirits, beer, wine, food and more producers. Expect the unexpected.


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