Prancing Pony Christmas Limited Edition Pack

  • ABV: 5.2-9.6%
  • 6x 375ML CAN

What’s Included –
2x Purple Velvet Christmas Beer
2x Hunt for Red Velvet
2x Double Zeppelin NE IPA


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Purple Velvet Christmas Beer, 375ml, ABV 5.2%
‘Lebkuchen’, a sweet-spicy traditional German Christmas cookie sold at Christmas markets. Their beer version is a hopped-up variant of a traditional Dark Hefeweizen. Combining a distinct chocolate malt sweetness, typical ‘Hefe’ banana, and clove characters with some spicy hops lending additional flavours of fruit, berries, vanilla and herbs.

Double Zeppelin NE IPA, 375ml. ABV 8%
A stronger, hoppier and more citrusy version of their popular Zeppelin. The Double Zeppelin is hazy, bold but smooth. Like the clouds, a real Zeppelin is gliding through on a voyage to a faraway places, stirring up images of tropical islands and run-away ponies.

Hunt for Red Velvet, 375ml. ABV 9.6%
Developed for GABS 2017, touted as a long-range flying carpet, propelled by a new top secret fuel, codenamed Black Forest Cake Liquor, because that’s what it tastes like. Awarded Gold at the London International Beer Challenge.


Prancing Pony is an award-winning craft brewery in the Adelaide Hills. At the Pony, their unique brewery door outlet “The Brewshed” is located right inside their commercial brewing space. There’s nothing as relaxing as watching their brewers hard at work while you enjoy the fruits of their flavours with a beer tasting plank!


All Prancing Pony ingredients are sourced locally, where possible, and they choose to reduce, re-use and recycle whatever they can. Let’s just say, the donkey on their farm is truly grateful for all the spent grain when they’ve finished with it!

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