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Sour Mixed Pack

  • ABV 3.5 – 7%

What’s Included:

1x Slipstream Fruit Cart Series – Plum Sour
1x Little Bang Face Inverter Citrus Super Sour
1x Urban Alley Man-Goes Nowhere
1x Wayward Raspberry Berliner Weisse
1x Woolshed Tropical Sour
1x Bad Shepherd Lime & Pomegranate Sour
1x Colonial Southwest Sour
1x Dad & Dave’s Yuzu Sour
1x Hope Imperial Mango Sour
1x Hope Imperial Pink Grapefruit

Tasting Notes

Slipstream Fruit Cart Series – Plum Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 3.5%
Citrus and stonefruit notes dance across the palate, with a pleasant but sharp finish. Refreshingly delicious.
Little Bang Face Inverter Citrus Super Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 5%
So you like sours, do you? Do you like “like” “sours”? Or do you really LIKE SOURS! The team at Little Bang like sours, they really do. They like them so much they set out to see just how sour they could get this thing to go before they break something or hurt themselves. Come along!
Urban Alley Man-Goes Nowhere, 375ml Can, ABV 5.4%
This year has been full of haze and uncertainty, so Urban Alley thought you should at least enjoy your time at home while you go nowhere. A curiously aromatic sour ale, whirlpooled with Amarillo hops and dosed heavily with mango and passionfruit for its secondary fermentation. Confused yet? Good. Get used to it. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to be resilient. Drink fresh and stay safe.
Wayward Raspberry Berliner Weisse, 375ml Can, ABV 3.8%
A traditional Berlin sour wheat beer style that is both sweet and tart with a great fresh raspberry aroma. Ultra-refreshing, it appeals to both beer lovers and cider lovers.
Woolshed Tropical Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 4.1%
Mango absolutely oozes from the can; it’s so dominant, in fact, it reminds me of being elbow deep in ripe, sticky mango juice as the seed is being sucked clean from fleshy fruit. The passionfruit is muted, only ever so subtly joining the party on the very back palate for the briefest of moments, contributing a little tartness. It’s definitely an easy-drinker, with a medium to medium-light body and a gentle sourness. Really, it’s all about that mango – so prominent, fresh and well… tropical. Welcome to summer.
Bad Shepherd Lime & Pomegranate Sour, 355ml Can, ABV 4%
A lip-smacking, taste bud tingling kettle-soured ale. Bright flavours and aromas of zesty lime and juicy pomegranate. Enjoy it poured in a glass to showcase the enticing pinkish hue.
Colonial Southwest Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 4.6%
Hops from both hemispheres provide a vibrant tropical aroma, but with low bitterness to keep this golden sour light and refreshing.
Dad & Dave’s Yuzu Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 4.2%
What is a yuzu? Its a odd litle citrus from Japan, kind of half way between a lemon & a mandarin. full of sharp, complex citrus, these little guys pack an incredible zesty punch. And our yuzu sour is no exception. This limited release is a first collaboration between brothers Dave of Dad & Daves and James of Wildspirit distilling – so you know its made with skill and brotherly love.
Hope Imperial Mango Sour, 375ml Can, ABV 7%
Welcome to Summer! This 7.0% Imperial strength Berliner Weisse packs a huge mango punch! Mosaic hops add intense tropical aromas to this mouth-puckering sour beer.
Hope Imperial Pink Grapefruit, 375ml Can, ABV 7%
Send your tastebuds wild with this new world sour beer. A delightful combination of sour beer and pink grapefruits that is a super refreshing, imperial, next level sour.