State of Origin – QLD Craft Beer Pack

  • ABV: 3.4 – 6.5%
  • 330ML-375ML CANS

What’s Included:

2x Ballistic Hawaiian Haze Pale Ale
2x Black Hops Lay Day Tropical Lager
2x Heads of Noosa Japanese lager
2x Newstead 3 Quarter Time Session IPA
2x Balter Strong Pale Ale
2x Slipstream G-Force IPA


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Ballistic Hawaiian Haze Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 4.6%
Ballistic’s take on the Hazy Pale Ale was brewed to quench your thirst. A hop-driven flavour explosion that screams “DRINK ME”! Juicy aromas effortlessly overlay the fluffy mouthfeel and clean finish. This is a can of pure Double Dry Hopped fun.

Black Hops Lay Day Tropical Lager, 375ml Can, ABV 4.4%
A super sessionable lager brewed with pilsner malt and rolled oats to give a smooth, velvety body. A big late addition of New Zealand and American hops delivers a refreshing aroma of tropical fruits.

Heads of Noosa Japanese lager, 330ml Bottle, ABV 4.5%
Their Japanese Lager pays homage to the refined nature of the style. A proprietary blend of malts gives it a delicate appearance and flavour profile. Filtered, for a clean & crisp mouthfeel, making it exceptionally palatable and truly enjoyable.

Newstead 3 Quarter Time Session IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 3.4%
Mid-strength beer can be tasty, you just gotta add hops. Passionfruit in the aroma, followed by flavours of lychee, white-peach and lemon, its flavoursome and full. Balanced by a malt sweetness and a decent bitterness, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking it’s a real beer.

Balter Strong Pale Ale, 375ml Can, ABV 5.9%
Wrestle your thirst to the mat, with this Strong Pale Ale. It’s smooth malt profile drips with juicy hop notes, and a snappy bitterness that finishes with a firm hand. Flex your flavour muscles and crack open the door to a little bit more.

Slipstream G-Force IPA, 375ml Can, ABV 6.5%
A newer style, Vermont, USA inspired IPA that focuses on bright fruity and tropical flavours. Like all Slipstream beers, G-Force is unfiltered..

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