Wicked Weed Brettabolic 2017

  • SOUR
  • ABV 5.9%
  • 500ML BOTTLE




Brettabolic beats with the rhythm of a two-chambered heart. Forever flowing and pumping to send lifeblood through all it touches, the brettabolic beat is liquid sustenance itself. Constant creation is fed by the rhythm and pulse of Brettabolic. As yeast gives life and effervescence to beer, the serenade of simplicity from the best ingredients our land has to offer keeps us bumping with the beat of Brettabolic. Brettabolic is our first foray into entirely oak-fermented beer. Local Riverbend Malt provides a smooth, full-body, while agedhops add pleasant bitterness. Noble and German hops lend character and drinkability to this amber ale. This beautiful brett beer is ready to drink now, and will age gracefully as well.


Located in West Asheville, the most recent Wicked Weed addition is this 50 barrel Production Brewery responsible for brewing and distributing their fresh beer offerings such as Freak of Nature Double IPA and Pernicious IPA. Christened in July 2015, the Production Brewery is their answer to the Southeast’s call for more of our beer. Currently, their focus is brewing and packaging our fresh beer to send to North Carolina and surrounding markets with future plans to expand the facility to include tours and a tasting room.


The Funkatorium: Located in the South Slope Brewery District of Asheville, the Funkatorium is the East Coast’s first sour and funky beer dedicated taproom. Featuring over a dozen varieties of these burgeoning styles on draught, visitors can expect a full immersion into the old world way of experiencing and appreciating beer against the backdrop of Wicked Weed’s entire sour and funky barrel-aging program.  The Funkatorium is also a full service restaurant offering wings, salads, sandwiches and more seven days a week.