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All about craft Spirits

The craft spirit Industry came as a response to a complete industrialization of the spirits industry, with gin, vodka, etc. being mass-produced and overwhelming the market with only a handful of brands. People started to distil in their own homes and started to put a focus on the flavour and care put into creating it, and opening up more options for the public.

Overall, the definition of craft spirits are a lot harder to define than something like craft beer. Where craft beer came out started creating all new kinds of distinct and different styles of beer, i.e. NEIPA’s, Hazy IPA’s, Sours etc. Craft Distilleries on the other hand had a different issue to deal with. The industrial distilleries were already releasing some great spirits, so craft distillers had to simply focus on perfecting their spirit and adding new and innovative flavours to that.

Especially when dealing with spirits such as tequila, whiskey, or rum, there is already a very strict guideline on how to create them, and most times it is a lengthy process, so the definition of craft being more of a flavour or care focus may fall a little flat in these areas. Generally it is craft distilleries who are working locally and sustainably to create small batch products that are often innovative and experimental.

There are many reasons why people prefer craft spirits over traditional brand names.

Thanks to the extent of experimentation and often niche flavour profiles, people are able to get quite specific with what they want to drink and what they want to make with their spirits, whether it’s through cooking or making cocktails. You also get a wider range of more local varieties, especially when it comes to things like gin.

Whilst some spirits have their specific manufacturer location, others can, and are made all across Australia. Supporting local craft distilleries is much like going to a vineyard for your wine; it’s a more personal experience and you get to know more about what’s going into your glass at night.

The craft spirits industry is growing and deserves to be supported as it continues to flood bottle shops across Australia with local, handmade, innovative bottle of liquor.